Dr. Iswarya A/P Selvan


Dr Iswarya A/P Selvan was born in Kedah and is a graduate of Quest International University of Perak (QIUP). She obtained her medical degree in 2017. She completed her residency training at Hospital Kemaman, Terengganu by underwent 6 rotations starting from orthopedic, medical, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, paediatrics and emergency medicine. She was appointed as Medical Officer in Casualty and Emergency Department at Hospital Kemaman and followed by Hospital Jitra, Kedah .

Dr. Iswarya left government service in year 2022. She found her area of interest in primary healthcare. She joined Zip-Zip Group of Companies as a Residence Doctor at Klinik Remedic Jitra which gives her opportunity to learn and explore more on various aspect especially soft management skill and leadership management which lead her closer to her career goals and visions.  

She is passionate about preventive care and comprehensive treatments for her patients. She enjoys the full spectrum of family medicine to include care for infants and elderly. She is good at carry out the immediate assessment and treatment of patients with serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

She practices yoga, this keeps her calm and more focused while treating patients. And this why she is details -orientated person.

Her favourite quote :-Medicines can treat disease, but doctors can treat a patient.