Dr. Kang Eik Hong


Dr. Kang was born in Butterworth, Malaysia and obtained his medical degree at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman(UTAR) in year 2017. His residency was at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, and he completed his training with fellowships at District Hospital in Kuala Nerang. Kedah.

Dr. Kang has been committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to his patients, particularly in Chronic Illness Management, Weight Management and Mental Health Management.

He is passionate about preventive care and often provide unique insight into a patient’s health history. He takes proactive approaches to helping his patient, he spent time with his patients to provide education to support Patients’ Self-management. Also provide valuable reassurance to the patient during their treatment.

He is a member of Remedic Healthcare Foundation (RHF), a Non- Government Organization (NGO) providing free medical services.  In his spare time, Dr Kang enjoys traveling, sport and spending time outdoors. He is very excited to be part of RHF and is proud to work with such a fantastic team of volunteer practitioners for the needy.

In March 2022, He has decide to join Zip-Zip Group of companies to become one of the In house General Practitioner at Klinik Remedic Kangar. In his employment, he was trained for soft management skills, importance of human capital and leadership management.

He has become a Person in charge of Klinik Remedic Sg Dua in year 2023. Starting a group practise medical clinic offers him an opportunity to dive deeper in cultural diversity towards personal growth and fulfilment.  It is a better environment for him to rise curiosity and get exposed to different people and cultures. Live outside the comfort-zone to enhance learnings, communicate better and adaptabilities.